From the Beginning

After 46 years in the business, John Nichols has decided to retire.  While he may still work some part time it means we have to downsize considerably.  The first step is leasing or selling our 31,000 square foot building which is expensive to maintain.  So while it is on the market we must reduce inventory in preparation for the time that we must vacate the premises. We will not know when or where we are going until something concrete happens, but our warehouse on Col. Glenn Rd will be our temporary location should something happen quickly.   We are still ordering special items for customers and would be happy to help you find that perfect piece while we are in this process.  Thanks so much for your patronage and your patience.

Furniture production in China has exploded in the last few years and a majority of manufacturing facilities in this country have closed.  This has left us with the increasingly difficult task of locating and purchasing quality furniture that is still a value and not overpriced.  We have suppliers in the United States and Canada which I think you will agree produce excellent quality products that are still affordable.